Aviation Dream Weavers, Inc.
Where we provide mentoring services to our students in the field of aviation assisting them in finding the correct pathways to help them achieve their goals in the aviation/aerospace industry.
Aviation Dream Weavers scholarships will be given to selective individuals who we have sponsored in aviation programs that excel in flight training, academies, and who sincerely show a desire to succeed in their chosen career path. These scholarships will be awarded yearly and we will continue to find ways to help assist our students in their desire to be successful in the aviation industry.
To gain national access to minority students in under-served communities through mentorship programs while exposing them to the many career opportunities that the aviation/aerospace industry has to offer.
To collaborate with other aviation organizations and programs to expose, inspire and educate (middle and high school) students regarding careers in aviation while providing scholarships for training and development in their field of choice.
Expanding Technology for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).
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