Drones have been around for many years. The industry is expanding very rapidly with the growth of the recreational drone pilots and the commercial operators.


In 2019 UPS became the first company to win approval from the FAA for a drone airline. With their new certification, they could fly at night. The UPS airline division is not limited to drone sizes and neither by the line of sight rule. The drones are allowed to carry packages weighing greater than 55 lbs.

In the same year, Google Wing, a subsidiary of Google, received its certification for drone operations with restrictions such as line of sight limitations. Their drones are also limited to the size and weight of packages they are allowed to carry.

These 2 companies are paving the way for other companies to gain the necessary certifications and waivers needed to operate as a full-fledged drone airline with and without current limitations.

Opportunities for unmanned aircraft system pilots are now wide-open under the new part 107 rule which legalizes and regulates these new air ops. It is estimated that in the next five years, there will be a need for more than
10,000 unmanned aircraft system pilots to meet the demand. That does not include the government and military UAS pilots.

There are some 50 colleges worldwide which offer Bachelor of Science degrees in UAS operations.

Aviation Dream Weavers, Inc. is looking forward to partnering with these entities in the very near future to expose youths to the careers in the drone industry.

Captain Ross teaching the drone class at Griffin Region College and Career Academy, (GRCCA).


Captain Ross at the Alternative School in Thomason Georgia introducing the students to the careers in aviation along with the drone program.